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Ways to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Home

Some of the places they hide is on the bed frames, under the mattress. If you happen to find a single bed bug in a particular room, you should be on high alert because there is a possibility that there are more of them in the house. The common places that you may find them is in the bedrooms especially on the beds.

Not everyone will be able to tell the smell the smell of bed bugs.

You will easily tell the difference in pattern of bed bug bites from those of other insects like mosquitos. Different people react differently on bed bug bites.

They will bite you are then back to their spots in less than a minute.

Bed bugs are blood suckers and so this means that they only feed on blood view here.

But if you are looking for bed bugs, be sure that that is what you are going to find under the mattresses more info. The eggs are one millimeter long and are pearl white in color. Bed bug eggs are mainly found along the edge of your bed frame, in the folds of your mattress cover, and also in the crack of a mattress.

Bed bugs tend to shed their outermost skin layer as they go through their five different stages of their life cycle. For you differentiate between the bed bug skin from other insects which might have the same features, you will want to look for a hollow translucent skin underneath of your mattress.