The world’s only Brown Panda lives in China

Abandoned by her mother two months old, the baby pandas were faced with bullying by other pandas growing up. Now grown Quezal (Qizai) is the only bamboo brown bear in nature that becomes known to the whole world!the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-1

Quezal, whose name translates as “the seventh son”, was found still quite young, weak and in bad condition, in a nature reserve in the Qinling mountains (Qingling), China. Apparently, his mother went into the forest, but do know one thing — she was black and white.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-2

So the fact that Quezal has a brown-white color, is even more intriguing. Scientists suggest that this was due to some genetic mutation.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-3

Despite his difficult childhood, Quezal in his 7-year-old turned into a beautiful bear and Chinese experts plan to find him a friend. Having the opportunity to observe and study the appearance of his future offspring, the scientists were able to unravel the mystery of his unusual coat color.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-4

And while Quezal enjoying life as a national nature reserve Foping Panda Valley, and times when other pandas were stealing his food, already in the distant past.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-5

Have Quezal has its own Keeper, who plans his day, given the schedule of the meal. The inspector wakes up at 6 am and goes to bed at midnight, and his duty is to Quezal was always well-fed and was in one piece.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-6

Panda is a celebrity weighs more than 100 pounds, and every day Quezal eats about 20 kilograms of bamboo.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-7

“He’s slower than other pandas, but it’s much more powerful,” — said the caretaker Quezal in an interview, describing the bear as a “tender, funny and charming” animal.the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-8the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-9the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-10the-worlds-only-brown-panda-lives-in-china-11

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