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Reasons Why You Should Dress Your Dog

Do dogs need to be dressed up? Some people would argue that it’s cruel to dress dog since they come with their own coat of fur. As with most things in life, a dose of common sense is necessary as well as dressing your dog. When the mobility of a dog is cut off due to their clothing, the best thing is to take them off. Find out ways in which clothing your dog can be beneficial to them.

It brings warmth. Dogs with little body fat, dogs with hair, elderly, ill and small dogs benefit from getting extra protection against elements in the form of a warm coat or sweater. These dogs have trouble creating or retaining enough body warmth. Having minimal body fat and a single coat of hair means that a dog has no protection against the cold. Wearing a coat should be enough reason to offer one to your dog. Without a coat, a dog shivers and looks pathetic. Dogs are able to chase after ducks in the show and cause interruption to people’s selfies in the snow. A raincoat is important for a dog and its owner especially when living in the city where rain for Three Seasons is the primary mode. Walking will be difficult for your dog for the majority part of the year due to lack of a raincoat.

It protects your dog from dirt. Wearing clothes are important to both humans and dogs when it comes to keeping the environment and them clean. The number of births is reduced when your dog is less dirty. Your dogs’ hair is a magnet to attract all the things and low to the ground hence making it less dirt. Your dog drags a minimal amount of the outdoors when it’s protected with a jacket. When your dog rolls on a disgusting thing, it’s protected by its jacket. It’s protected from the brunt since the clothing is able to absorb it.

It gives your dogs a better Vision. Visibility is essential to keep your dog safe during hunting season, night-time walks and off-leash hikes. When you want to keep tabs on where your dog is roaming it’s advisable to dress him in colourful clothes due to some of them having tan coloured and blend in well with dirt, dry grass and Sand. It also protects your dog from being mistaken for a rabbit due to its visibility vests while walking in the dark.

It protects it from diseases. Dogs with allergies are protected by clothes from scratching, chewing and licking providing a barrier between them and allergens. Incisions and sunburned are prevented when your dog is clothed.

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