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Month By Month Pregnancy to Do List

Couples usually get excited after discovering that they are expecting a new family member. Although you may continue with your lifestyle during the initial stages, you will slowly adapt to the changes with time. Similarly, there are things you will have to do which you were not doing before. It is likely that pregnancy may stress you in a way. It can be even worse in case it is your first pregnancy. Although finding a maternity photographer is important, there are other additional things you should know. Here is a detailed month by month pregnancy to-do list.

The first two months is the time you will know that you are pregnant. You need to be prepared although it is still an early stage of the pregnancy. Ensure that you take your prenatal vitamin. This is the time you reduce your intake of caffeine because the American Pregnancy Association suggests an average of 200 mg per day during your pregnancy period. Before you rush into finding a maternity photographer, you should avoid foods like mercury fish, raw eggs, and other food substances that could affect your baby negatively.

The first prenatal appointment should come during the third month amidst pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness. Planning a maternity leave and shopping for maternity clothes should happen simultaneously. Although finding a maternity photographer is a good idea, just you’re your horses. When you hit the fourth month, you should start sleeping on your side to avoid decreased blood flow to your baby. In case your family and friends are not aware, this is the right time. Together with your partner, you can now add items to the bay registry as you plan for the baby shower.

Some of the things you need to do during the fifth month include going for a childbirth class, anatomy scan, etc. It is also that time when you will feel that you have enough energy but you should take control. As you think about finding a maternity photographer in month six, you should first get tested for gestational diabetes because some women develop it during pregnancy. As you get ready for prenatal appointments, you should have a baby shower.

You should have your hospital bag ready during the eighth month of pregnancy. You may not see the essence of finding a maternity photographer but it is good to take photos to be a reminder later when you will want to see how the baby bump was. Also, you should ensure that you go for group B strep test. Find time to reinstall your car seat in the last month. Remember to send thank-you notes for baby shower gifts. The discussion above should guide you during your pregnancy period.

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