More than a year, the dog sat at the door of the people who betrayed him.

This story with a dog that the owners kicked out of the house after the baby was born, was a happy ending. Dog Rex has won warm kennels. But most importantly, now lives in people who love him and care.weeping-dog-owners-threw-door-birth-child-found-home-loving-family-1

The beginning of the story.
We will remind, in July in social networks, a wave of indignation about the act of Krasnoyarsk family. Once they took the puppy, looked after, fed, washed, caressed, and taught to serve his paw. While walking Rex proudly walked alongside the expensive people. But that all changed in a moment, when the family had a baby.

All the love that once gave the dog now went to the child. The dog was an outcast. With him forgetting to walk, sometimes he would stick his nose into the empty bowl and waited patiently, when you think about it. One day when Rex tried to get acquainted with the new family member: he went over to the kid and wanted him to smell. But he yelled and then ran.

First kicked out of the nursery, then completely kicked out the door: took one of the bases in several kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. The owner has let him off the leash and left. And the dog… He helplessly watched the receding car and did not understand what was happening. Employees base fed new pet. Often give him bones that were left after lunch. Rex could neither drink nor eat, missed his old life on the people who betrayed him.

Soon the plant closed, he ran away. A few days later he was sitting in front of the door the former owners. But they did not appreciate the devotion of the dog and ran out of the house. The evening saw him at the same place. One of the girlfriends of a young mother once asked: “This is not your dog’s back?”. And very surprised to hear that the dog they have. So Rex became a mongrel.weeping-dog-owners-threw-door-birth-child-found-home-loving-family-2

It fed the inhabitants of the house, sometimes he ran away to find food, but in the evening he always came back to the door itself. Frozen, shivering, scared, he folded up next to her and waited. Waited, when it will be back. Every time he looked longingly at the open door, caught sight of the former owners, but those turned away. And then the dog’s eyes filled with tears. He lowered his head and whines.

– They go with the child to walk and Rex with them, thinking, “I’m their dog,” – said one of the neighbors. And the owners of these so-called turned him away. They his leg cast, even kicked. They food he never gave, though every day he went past him.
The life of Rex has changed, when about his story learned men, and wrote about it in social networks. And was immediately inundated with calls. Dozens of people wanted to take the dog.

Calls were many, but not all went well, – said Olga, tosashimizu. The dog is very attached to former owners and to him requires a special approach, otherwise he could run away again to them.
Rex now lives in the village. He has a warm kennel, but most importantly, new loving owner. Galina is now retired. A few months ago she lost a dog of old age. The woman was very worried about this. And then I call niece: “Aunt Galya, so here’s the story…”. And told about the fate of Rex. She immediately replied, “Take me!”.

Rex was brought in, and he does not eat, – says Galina – I ran to the vet. He has a bone in the intestines were. Now treated him and all is well. I better get malnourished, but that the dog was fed. Now constantly talking to Rex and talking. Little by little he departs.
So abandoned dogs began a new life. And I want to believe that all Rex now would be good!

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