Weasel flying riding a woodpecker

This is not “photoshop” and drawing, but the real picture of this affection, which flies on top of at least this woodpecker. Photographed British amateur photographer Martin Le May in a park in east London. We would be happy to tell a touching story of friendship and affection woodpecker, how together they fly on business, but let’s be honest – before you attempt to dine.
image1 (2)

At this time, something went wrong and the woodpecker just introduced a predator itself. According to the photographer, who just that day was going to show his wife a woodpecker and a walk holding the camera at the ready, a bird landed somewhere in the 25 meters away.image2

Lusk, frightened by the presence of people who disappeared in the thick grass. Woodpecker went to their avian cases. Until next time?image3

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