We are all superintendents

There was a foreman. He spent a lifetime building the house and was old, decided to retire.
– I worked with You for many years, but it is time for me to retire ” he said to the employer. – I’m retiring. Want to start an apiary, and grandchildren to babysit.

The owner was sorry to part with such a man, and he said to him:
– Look, how’s this – build the last house and hold you at retirement. With a good prize!

The foreman agreed. Under the new project he had to build a house for a small family, started: negotiation, prospecting materials, check…

The superintendent was in a hurry, because they saw themselves in retirement. Something was up, something simplified, bought cheap materials, as they were faster to deliver… he felt He was doing not his best work, but was justified by the fact that it’s the end of his career. Upon completion of construction, he called the owner.

He visited the house and said:
You know, this is your home! Here take the keys and selaya. All the paperwork is done. It to you a gift from the company for many years of work.

I have had a foreman, was known to him alone! He stood red with shame, and all around were clapping, congratulating him on the new place and thought he was blushing from shyness, and he blushed with shame at his own carelessness. He realized that all errors and omissions are now his problems, and everyone thought that he was confused, expensive gift. And now he had to live in the only house that was built poorly…

Moral: We are all superintendents. We build our lives as a foreman before retiring. We do not make special efforts, believing that the result of this specific construction is not so important. What excessive force? But then we realize that we live in a house that had built. After all, what we do today matters. Today we build a house move tomorrow.superintendents

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