Very sad story

 11 years ago, a woman took himself kitten-girl and named her Laura. The woman was alone in his city, the daughter went to the big city, but no more, and who did not have it. Here and there was Laura. Woman and a cat from the first minute dating understood to have found each other. The woman gave her everything – my house, my love, its joys and sorrows, their care, affection … everything that was in that woman.

After Laura is not just a cat, and her cats. The child. Friend. Daughter. In harmony, understanding and devotion to each other, they lived 11 happy years. The woman always knew that Laura is waiting for her at home. Together, they make tea, together opened a bag of food, we watched TV together. Laura liked, curled up in her lap, purred quietly to the sound of a woman favorite series. Idyll? Yes.

The woman decided to move in with his daughter. Age is not the same. And the daughter wants, what would my mother was there. Only one small detail. daughter has a cat and its dog, thoroughbred. Dasha just a cat, she is not the breed! Therefore, Dasha had no place in their new and happy family …

The woman did not threw a cat, she had brought her to the shelter …..
– That’s my “daughter” – the woman said – I can not just put to sleep, or it simply dropped.
– And leave from a complete stranger you ?, – asked a volunteer.
The woman put the cat on the floor ….. and left. A month later, the woman successfully completed the sale of his apartment and moved in with her daughter …

Cat for his 11 years never seen any other cats or other people …. only this woman, and their common home. Cat found a corner near the door of a stranger and just sat there. Neither ate nor drank, did not react to anything. Just sitting in one place and looked at one point. Nothing helped … vitamins Antistresses, drip, injections …. caring …. reaction was one – shock and wolfish look.

I want to note that the health of Laura was excellent. The body worked like clockwork. Veterinarians have not found any abnormalities. Her disease is called Betrayal …
Laura died. Quiet. Silently. Within 15 days after the departure of a woman. The woman never once did not call to find out about Laura…very-sad-story

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