Unique pedestrian bridges

Engineering and architectural thought knows no boundaries. And very cool that modern designers are spreading their ideas not only on the construction of a grandiose and extraordinary, but also because of the unique construction of bridges.

1. Pedestrian bridge Dragon King Kong Bridge is located in the Chinese city of Changsha (Changsha). The curves of the bridge is very similar to that of a möbius strip — symbol combined spaces with the Chinese philosophical significance. The length of the Dragon King Kong Bridge is 185 meters and a height of 22 meters.unique-bridges01


2. Rolling Bridge — bridge transformer.
The amazing design is a bridge Rolling Bridge in London. This is a real transformer. As soon as the courts needs to go through the canal Grand Union, one side of the bridge rises and literally rolled into a circle.unique-bridges03

3. Moses Bridgea bridge built below the water level.
All know that bridges are built over objects or water. However, the Dutch architects wanted to do something different and created a bridge below the level of the reservoir. The name “Moses Bridgeis the best suited for a small wooden passage. Because according to the biblical story of the prophet made the parting waters of the red sea. For durability design used was treated in a special way the wood that will not rot for 50 years.unique-bridges06


4. Spiral “DNA Bridge“.
In the heart of Singapore, is a 280-metre pedestrian bridge Helix. It connects the large areas of the city, Marina Bay and Marina Center. The creation of this extraordinary spiral patterns architects, inspired by the shape of human DNA. Along the bridge has four viewing platforms from which residents and visitors admire the outstanding monuments of modern architecture.unique-bridges07


5. Sky Bridge Langwaki — pedestrian bridge in Malaysia.
Lovers tickle your nerves must explore it there — on the bridge of Language (Sky Bridge Langwaki) in Malaysia. Passing on a 125-foot curved design, tourists admire spectacular scenery. The bridge supports only one leg and eight cables.unique-bridges10


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