Two rescue, two stories…

We offer to Your attention the history of the miraculous rescue of two incredibly lucky ginger cats. 

The first is our Simon. We found her at the house when the first snow fell and hit the first frosts, tiny lump frantically screaming and crying for help… it is an inexpressible sight. I grabbed at his hands a little thought about what would I do with eyeless kitten (I think from a disease of the eye and it was not visible). We washed, cured, fed and now can’t imagine our lives without this the smartest and kindest cat.two-rescue-two-stories3two-rescue-two-stories

Second kitten found last summer in the middle of the dusty roadway, he was already dying from hunger. But when we came to him he climbed on his hands and began to purr. My husband and I sat and thought about it and decided that like it or not, to throw the cat here. Brought home, washed, fed… was a boy, very smart and nice cat. And fortunately he is very loved by our family and now he is the favorite in the family)two-rescue-two-stories2

Friends, don’t need more happiness than the realization of accomplishment. And let it sounds selfish, but when I look at my Simon, I see evidence of my use in this world. So share your shelter and love with disadvantaged animals, each saved life — it is Your merit to society, which always appreciate such things much more than buying an expensive purebred Pets. It is better to feed your ambition real feats than expensive purchases.two-rescue-two-stories4