A touching story about how a dog helps a sick kitten


As soon as Megan Sorbara saw the kittens, she realized that something is wrong. The mother of the kittens threw them near the building in Naples (FL). Two kittens curled up around his trembling sister.a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten1


As if they felt that the white kitten was in need of warmth and support.
Sorbara soon understood why. White baby barely able to walk. Her head was constantly crossed up.a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten3

When Sorbara brought the kittens to the shelter, which controls the organization of the Naples Cat Alliance, she called them Praline, Pistachio… and Coconut (white kitten).

Later Sorbara tried using kittens as bait to catch their elusive mother. But the only one whose attention was drawn to these kittens, had a dog named Bitsy, a staunch fan of cats.a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten5

“Bitsy is involved in all our missions on catching,” says Sorbara. “She loves to find kittens.”a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten6

However, Coconut had not yet been ready to make new friends. It is assumed that she has neurological damage (possibly genetic).
Tuesday morning Coconut, appeared to become a little better. So much better that Sorbara laid her on the bed, where he lay Betsy.a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten7

Coconut made the first step towards the dog.a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten8

It turns out that she needed someone to lean on. And cuddle, and sleep.a-touching-story-about-how-a-dog-helps-a-sick-kitten9

Of course, Bitsy will not replace the mother needed these kittens. The rescue team is still trying to find her. Meanwhile, the kittens are fed artificially every few hours. They are followed by the biggest fan of kittens on the planet – a dog named Bitsy.

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