1. Red-tailed Buzzard.

A bird of the family accipitridae. Red-tailed Buzzard protecting his nest may attack even human. Massive talons and beak can cause if not fatal, but very painful and deep wounds.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds1

2. Falcon.

Falcons have very sharp claws and beak. Protecting their Chicks Falcon did not hesitate to attack man.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds2

3. White owl.

White owl is the most northerly bird of prey. It can easily survive in lowest temperatures of up to -50 degrees. The white owl is a real strategist in the attack. If she decided to attack the person, attack the person, which can lead to eye injuries.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds3

4. Bearded.

Like other vultures, bearded vultures feed on carrion, but their diet is mainly the bone marrow. They mined it by throwing bones from a height on rocks and cliffs. But by accident it may be the head of an unwary traveler.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds4

5. A barred owl.

A barred owl is found in swampy forests of the United States. Owl attacks mostly on small victims like rodents and frogs, but in case of danger can attack and humans. The main intrigue of the tawny owl is that it moves almost silently. Not rare cases of such attacks on climbers.


6. Mute Swan.

Mute Swan is a very peaceful creature. But if the bird feels threatened, it will defend itself. An adult Swan can break you a bone.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds6

7. Diver with a black beak.

Cernoleuca Loon is found mainly in North America and Northern Eurasia. The bird has a razor-sharp beak, which can be dangerous to humans.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds7

8. Herring gull.

Herring gull threat and pose a special threat to people as they build their nests right in the city. Gulls often scavenge in the trash and attack people think that they want to take away their food.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds8

9. African ostrich.

This is the biggest bird in the world. Despite the fact that ostrich looks pretty ridiculous, he’s very dangerous. More than 2 meters in height this bird can weigh over 100 kg and can accelerate to nearly 70 km/h. If the ostrich will feel with your hand a threat to their Chicks, he can kill you in just a few seconds.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds9

10. Common cassowary.

It is the most dangerous bird that lives in the tropical forests of New Guinea and North-West Australia. The bird weighs about 60 kg, and her height is about 1.8 meters. And it is very hard to protect its territory using a razor-sharp spurs.the-ten-most-dangerous-birds10

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