Tinker toy

The tiny cat ever was a Himalayan cat Tinker Toy from Illinois. He weighed 680 grams, was 18 cm in length and his height was 7 cm!tinker-toy

According to others, the smallest cat in the world was born in the U.S. state of Illinois. The owner of Robin Svendson (Robin Svendson) called him Mr. Pibsa in honor of the ventriloquist doll from the popular series Seinfeld.

Cat Mr. Ebisu two years, and it weighs only 1 kilo and 300 grams. Mr. Peebles is officially the smallest domestic cat in the world. Doctors say that such a small size Pebble is due to a genetic defect that stopped the growth of the cat.tinker-toy2

So the same kitten from San Diego named Heed claims the title of smallest cat in the world. At the age of 3.5 months he weighs a little less than a kilogram, and the growth is only 8 inches.tinker-toy3

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