There once was a kitten

There once was a kitten. He was a little white and very fluffy. But the evil mistress did not love him. She constantly yelled at him and put in a corner. When kitty asked to eat, the owner or gave him one, and is tasteless and a small piece of sausage. Or screaming at him wholeheartedly. When kitty asked to drink, the hostess poured him some water. The kitten lived in an empty closet. He did not like to leave her, afraid of her wicked mistress.

And then one day, he saw in the window like flying doves. White doves. Beautiful and free. Happy and with the wind on the way. It was sad kitten. Had he yearned for freedom. And then one day, he took the decision to escape. When the hostess opened the door from the apartment to go out, the kitten quickly ducked around the corner.

The hostess didn’t even notice it. She went out and closed the door with a key. The kitten this time was coming down the stairs. Hearing the steps of the mistress – he was scared. But the hostess was so sleepy – early in the morning that passed by. The kitten followed her, hiding in the corners. When the hostess was on her kitten as she slipped behind the corner. Only in the opposite direction from the way the hostess.

Now he is free! Hurray!!! And here he took a long walk around the city. And one rainy night he was sitting on the sidewalk. He was all wet and pitiful mewing. And then ran up a girl aged twelve. She took the kitten in his arms and regretted. She brought him home. There kitten lives and still. The girl was very good. Kitten happy.
The end!was-a-kitten

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