The woman did everything possible to motherless puppy could live

A young mother abandoned her litter of five puppies.
Three of them died within three days, and two survivors were close to death when Candice Miller decided to take care of them. She struggled to give two puppies a chance in life, but didn’t know what would happen.

Unfortunately, one of the puppies died in the car on the way home Candace, and the last survivor, who was named penny, almost no chance.the-woman-did-everything-possible-to-motherless-puppy-could-livethe-woman-did-everything-possible-to-motherless-puppy-could-live2But penny was a fighter. Candice took care of penny around the clock, feeding her, warming and tiny little puppy became increasingly powerful. Not only that, she survived her first night in her new home, she spent a week, then a month… and now penny celebrated her first birthday!

“I never thought a year ago, when they brought you home three days in a cardboard box that we would see what was today,” wrote the doting mother Candice.the-woman-did-everything-possible-to-motherless-puppy-could-live3

It turns out that penny not only survived, she became a member of the incredible family!

“We are a family of 4 people, 6 rescued dogs, 5 chickens, 1 turtle, who lives in Eugene (or). We recently moved from California and bought a ranch to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for needy dogs” wrote Candace.the-woman-did-everything-possible-to-motherless-puppy-could-live4


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