The wolf among people

The wolf Romeo — the Ambassador of wildlife in the human world.At the sight of the wolf most people instinctively want to run and escape. So imagine the surprise Nika Jansa when he found him in the backyard, peacefully playing with a Labrador.

And decided to share with you the story of a wolf that has taken hold among the people. Nick Jans was in the backyard with his dog when they were visited by an unexpected guest.


The man expected that the predator will attack, but when his Labrador ran up to the wolf and they just started to play peacefully.the-wolf-among-people2Since then, the wolf, who was given the name Romeo, has become periodically appear in the yard Jansa and play with the dog.

the-wolf-among-people3Romeo was an extremely friendly creature, and soon gained the friendship of not only other dogs in the neighborhood, but the people themselves.

the-wolf-among-people4At first, the locals were in constant tension, but after a while they realized that the wolf was clearly merely resort in order to play and have fun.


There was not a single case that he tried to harm the dogs or the children frolicked.


Later he even began to adopt the habits of his new friends, ran and brought toys and sticks.the-wolf-among-people7He behaved like a perfectly normal house dog.

So the predator had lived side by side with the locals over 6 years and has become a real symbol of the village of Juneau, Alaska.the-wolf-among-people9Romeo passed away in 2009. In 2010 the villagers were manufactured and installed in his honour a memorial plaque.the-wolf-among-people10

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