The unusual rescue kittens found on the road

In Israel, going to work, 18-year-old Hamdan Shibley found three tiny kittens who were sitting close to each other, and were terrified. There was no visible cat-mom, so he decided to take them off the road. However, when he moved the kittens to the roadside bushes, he saw that they were special. It turned out that they belonged to the breed of jungle cats (also known as the swamp lynx).

One kitten, alas, did not survive – he was in very bad condition. However, the other two still had hope.

They were taken to a hospital for wild animals to be helped to recover.
Both cats belonged to the masculine gender, they were no more than five weeks old. They were given a milk substitute, vitamins and drugs.
The difficulty was to recover their weight and at the same time be able to return them later back into the wild.

Eventually they start to get better, got more confidence in their survival
Reed cat, or swamp lynx, is on the verge of extinction, but it is believed that in Israel there are only about 600 specimens of this species. By the way, its representatives any larger than domestic cats, different long legs, relatively short trunk and characteristic of lynx tassels on the ears. They usually live in dense reeds on the banks of rivers and reservoirs.the-unusual-rescue-kittens-found-on-the-road1






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