The unlucky robbers

 Mother leaves her daughter 5 years old and goes home alone to shop, ordering no one to open the door. At this time, the bottom are two robbers, who are watching this apartment for several days waiting for an opportune moment.

Finally, they see that the hostess is gone, and quickly rise to the top. To check the call at the door and then the following dialogue:

Little daughter (L): Who’s there?
Robbers (R): The parents at home?
L: No.
R: Are you alone?
L: No.
R: And who are you?
L: With John
R: And how old is he?
L: Three years old
R: :)))
  The robbers quickly opened the door and … They met John – a three-year huge dog. I do not know this is true or not, but as I said one of the robbers got very strong, and the second was in the corner afraid to move until the police arrived.the-unlucky-robbers

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