Vanska cat or Turkish van – a breed of semi-longhair cats, which is one of the oldest in the world. Furry Pets were bred accidentally, but their optimistic spirit, an unusual appearance and confident character give the right to existence of the whole breed of these representatives have become so popular today.

The Turkish van is considered a native breed. Muscular and big cats are the epitome of serenity, grandeur and wisdom, even in spite of the friendly and playful nature. These Pets are very delicate, they are loyal to their master and quite docile. But the main feature of the Vanir is their passionate fondness for water. They love to swim, dive and splash around, it is not fear of getting wet.

The first Turkish van cat was discovered in the vicinity of lake van in the Armenian highlands, located in South-Eastern Turkey. The characteristics of the local vegetation, fauna, and climatic conditions have left their mark on the appearance and habits of these animals.

In Europe van cats got thanks to a journalist from Britain’s Laura Washington. In 1955 the photographer, she went to Turkey for a working job where Laura could not help notice the two lovely kittens. Furry Pets arrived with her in London, because kittens are not only attracted her by its appearance, but also struck by the ability to swim in water, and with great pleasure.

To obtain offspring of a Turkish bath, a few years later Laura brought back from Turkey two more kittens. Thus began the breeding of van cats in Europe. Soon these members of the cat has received worldwide recognition and become a full blooded breed.the-turkish-van3



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