The story of the rescue of a little kitten that was freezing in the rain

A small kitten was found by casual passers-by in the pouring rain. I must say that the animal is really lucky, because people almost immediately gave him the necessary assistance. Ray Vargas found a kitten late one rainy night. According to the man, he found an orphaned animal on the roof of the shed when he went out into the yard. Of course, ray just couldn’t leave your pet outside. The man took the kitten into the house, and then fattened him up all night.the-story-of-the-rescue-of-a-little-kitten-that-was-freezing-in-the-rain

Now the cat, who was named Bagira grew up and became a real beauty. She is playful and curiousthe-story-of-the-rescue-of-a-little-kitten-that-was-freezing-in-the-rain2

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