The story of rescue dog

Honi was shot and left to die in a residential complex of Texas in late April. But Honi was very lucky.

Lucky to have survived, the witness called the police, got lucky with the police, who took him to the local animal shelter. And especially lucky that honey was adopted by the Tyler Nazism (person who fixed it).

The honey made friends with other animals Tyler. That’s six dogs, donkeys and a giant pig named Henry to whom Mr. bir was particularly interested.”Honi wanted to play and tried to get Honi to play with him. They stood facing each other over the fence, and it was fun” – says Tyler.

Dog become accustomed to good friends, a large number of own toys, and he even gets his own habits. For example, he and Tyler do a lot of exploring the area, during which he often carries one of his soft toys in his mouth, and jumps like a rabbit“.

At first Tyler had planned to cure Honi and find him a new home. The gunman and the dog was never found, and the dog is recovering. And Tyler decided to leave the dog at home.the-story-of-rescue-dog