The story of one hamster

 We started as a repair in the apartment, hung wallpaper, painted something that required painting. House ruins, boxes and rolls! Hamster our freedom! At night he gets out of his box and rustling than whatever is handy!

During the day we are very tired, and at night the hamster around the house like an elephant stomping!!! And once the night was unusually quiet! And in the morning my father wakes me up and dark voice says, ” come save your pet, and hand in the direction of the bucket with glue shows.

Fit the bucket as the bucket… In the middle of the bucket stands on its hind legs like a soldier on guard, my hamster! Front legs are stretched out in eyes the horror universe, mustaches stoned cockroach, stick up, one ear preclean, and the second, exhibited as a radar.
 About how I have this furball was washed, history is silent…ham1ham2


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