The story of a squirrel

The author says:
Two years ago there was a guy on the bus to Peter in the Park I saw a squirrel rushes around the tree, and the second is. Coming closer, it turned out that a squirrel lying still quite scarce, fallen from the tree. We touch the baby did not, so Mama squirrel dragged him back to the house (the birdhouse on the tree). And here, she takes him by the scruff, trying to shove this birdhouse and… flying baby with a sweep down to the ground.

This squirrel him again by the collar and drags to the top, we have bottom pulled jacket like a hammock to catch the baby. Of course, he falls again, but at least not on the ground. Barely breathing is already poor. It is unknown how long he flew before we got there.

Ran up the children from school, I try out to rid of squirrels that the mother tried to bring the baby into the house. And they still only squirrel squeeze. The children were joined by a lady with two dogs, who also did not understand the words, to go out with their dogs. While she squeezed the small squirrel, her dog ran after her mother, a squirrel, she leaped onto the road and died under the wheels of a passing car.

At this point I gave up, yelled at everyone, took a baby squirrel and we went to the vet’s. Examined him, the boy said, a couple of bruises and shock. Of course, took home.
Went immediately for the cage, food and all sorts of things. The first day he lay quiet, the second started to drink milk from a bottle, and so the day came to normal and appeared in a good ” fat little squirrel.

Lives with us still, and the cat get along well. The cage was left in a couple of months, and he lives across the apartment.the-story-of-a-squirrel