The story about the bear and kindness

My friend Daria with his family a few years lived and worked in Siberia. Her house stood on the very edge of the village. And then began the taiga.

One night they heard the roar of a bear, goose bumps ran. In the window of their hut seemed a big swollen paw of the bear. Husband Daria warned of the dangers of communicating with this beast, and certainly not recommended to mess with. But the woman became very sorry for the animal.

She gathered everything you need for help, and not leaving the hut, opened the door. In this moment the beast stuck his paw in the door. Despite the fear, Daria quickly treated the wound and bandaged paw taiga animal. The bear was initially somewhat howled, and then ran back home. In short, the “operation” went smoothly.

But after a while Bruin bear came again. Daria decided not to look into his eyes, but there it was! The bear began to scratch the door. Overcoming her fears, Dasha again decided to open the door. And that did she see? On the threshold lay the reward for her work – a Bush of red berries.

Here’s what smart bears! The bear was thought to seek help from people, but also thanked his Savior for caring!the-story-about-the-bear-and-kindness

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