The mother bear did not give offense to their young

Bear-the sloth with two cubs on her back came to drink to the source. Suddenly a huge tiger attacked the bears, however, he received a fitting rebuff. The battle lasted about three minutes, and bear strongly defended their babies.

A crowd of tourists watched the battle: people from the other shore clapped and shouted in support of the bear. “This is a rare case. I don’t think many were able to see such a meeting between a tiger and a bear in the wild,” says one of the witnesses Aditya Singh.the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-youngDefeating a hazardous rival, the she-bear with cubs left the tourists shocked by what they saw.

It is curious that for all the time of the fight, the cubs clung to the skin of mom and did not release her even for a second.the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young2the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young3the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young4the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young5the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young6the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young7the-mother-bear-did-not-give-offense-to-their-young8

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