The most loyal cat

 Cat spent 9 days in the hospital, waiting for the recovery of his master. June 6, in neurosurgery the patient was admitted with a concussion. He was brought in along with white Angora cat.

Lone 32-year-old man told paramedics that he had no one to leave your pet at home, and they allowed him to take the cat to the hospital. The cat was sitting in the locker room and waited for the owner. The cat is very culturally behaved: he went outside, then came back and sat near warm pipes. We fed him throughout the hospital.

According to the doctor, the cat tried to attach to one of the employees. One anesthesiologist was taking him to his girlfriend, who already had a cat. But the animals were fighting and had to return it back.

After 3-4 days, when the patient was allowed to walk, he went down on the 1st floor and asked: “where my cat? So I’ll feed you!”. After that, he daily visited the cat and fed it to discharge on June 14.the-most-loyal-cat

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