THE MOST FAMOUS CAT IN RUSSIA: Without me there is no discipline.


Kerch builders will give on the Day of cats mascot Crimean bridge double portion of shrimp

The cat with a length of 77 inches, including tail, wears overalls and a helmet as ceremonial dress. Today the Cat Bridge is a professional holiday. Not a Day as a bridge Builder, not a Day engineer a world cat day. Whiskers and tail are obliged to remember who you are.
We asked Bridge how he was going to celebrate the day of the mustache. The cat Bridge was brief.the-most-famous-cat-in-russia-without-me-building-any-discipline-0

Construction can not quit! Without me there is no discipline. Although a double portion of shrimp, of course, expect. And gifts will be waiting, ‘ murmured the baleen.

Shrimp is a favorite delicacy of a cat. He will happily eat a bowl under the uncomprehending gaze of his friend the Seagull Valera. The famous foodie, give him the barbecue!

The best gift – it’s shrimp! Mustache is to die for!

In the construction of Crimean bridge no work goes without his participation. He’s the same age as the century building.the-most-famous-cat-in-russia-without-me-building-any-discipline-2

The bridge appeared on Tuzlanska spit as soon as preparatory work has begun. Ragged hungry kitty wandering around the neighborhood in search of a warm corner and a bowl of milk and accidentally wandered into the checkpoint. The hearts of the guards melted look – like a cartoon of Puss in Boots from “Shrek”, and they left it at home.

Cat have provided private beds and three meals a day. Weight, height and career Bridge began to grow rapidly. Plus 100 grams – and the security chief, 150 grams and runs the site, another 200 grams and subordinate to the whole construction. Now it weighs 5 pounds.the-most-famous-cat-in-russia-without-me-building-any-discipline-3

“Without me there is no discipline!”

Cat Bridge the days and spends the night. He directs the sliding spans, it checks the quality of materials, especially loves the sand. And at night the Bridge guarding the entire area of the building: well, who better than him see in the dark.

Does the cat have their accounts in social networks. They signed thousands of fans of red cat. It every day and every night see how the project is developing, promptly following the situation on the spot and shares the news with his subscribers.

Spring has come! Today promised +20 C, then all the ice will melt.the-most-famous-cat-in-russia-without-me-building-any-discipline-4

The whole life of the cat is painted on minutes before the end of 2018 – launch of traffic on the bridge. It monitors the work and tells about the most interesting news on the Internet.

Meanwhile the line of people waiting to take him to my growing – Bridge has already attracted many builders. And fans claim the red beast.

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