“The most beautiful in the world” cat

Cat breed Turkish van conquered the Internet thanks to his multi-colored eyes. The representative of the cat-one eye blue and one green. New hero of social networks name Allauch, he lives in Turkey.

Newspaper Daily Express wondered whether this is the most beautiful cat in the world. The Daily Mail calls Allauch the most amazing cat planet and said “hypnotic” appearance of the cat. At Allauch heterochromia eyes: blue eye cat lacks pigment such as melanin.

Over the life of the stars of the Internet can be observed in instagram. As told, the mistress of the cat Burju Kaynak, people constantly comment on her pet, calling him cute. “All fall in love with him,” added the owner of Allauch. She noted that with the cat all right, he is not blind and not deaf, but just “perfect”.the-most-beautiful-in-the-world-cat