The life of a ginger cat

 Would You like to have your cat running around at night, something was off, made a mess in the house? About this cat I dreamed. A neighbor was just such a cat.

Come somehow from work, I heard a scream. This neighbor is fighting with the cat. She left on the table dried mushrooms. You ever seen, so the cats ate them? It turns out that eat.

The miracle was on the porch. Was restaurados. Says that it won’t happen again.
I felt sorry for the cat and I begged it from a neighbor, for reeducation. Week kitten stayed with me. Nights sleep. Flower pots are not dropped. From the table, nothing dragged. The neighbor was surprised. Me too.

The initiative I showed. The whole evening was taught by the cat climbing the curtains. You should have seen his eyes! “When you’re not busy?” – asked me a cat. I felt ashamed. Really, what is wrong with me?lifecatt

 After a week the cat neighbor took. Looked at him incredulously and was very surprised when she learned that he behaved well.

And the next day the same thing happened. The curtains on the floor, the bucket is upside down, the bread from the table disappeared. The neighbor decided that this cat does not need.
So I got my ginger cat. Surprisingly, his bad behavior in my house was not shown.lifecat2

 Obviously, ginger revenge. Here only what for? From a neighbor of a story about a kitten or a clear answer I received. Well, my dream (the desire to have a mischievous cat) had to leave.lifecat3

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