The kitten, which is half less than his brother, learning to eat independently

Nut was half the size of his brother, when he was found. No one expected that he would live more than a few weeks, but with this tiny fluffy ball of happened a real miracle. The kitten was born with a congenital defect in the mouth, which did not allow him to eat from the cat-mother or bottle-feeding. Being 9 days old, he behaved very well despite the fact that weighed only 79 grams.

To feed his had around the clock through a straw until then, until it became possible to correct the defect. According to his mistress, to nurse through a tube of a kitten, no bigger than a mouse was difficult, but it began to grow.the-kitten-which-is-half-less-than-his-brother-learning-to-eat-independently2


With the help of their masters began every day to put on weight, for which they had to spend many sleepless nights.the-kitten-which-is-half-less-than-his-brother-learning-to-eat-independently4



When he was almost a month, he still had difficulty feedingmilk hit him square in the nose, even though the hosts fed him through a tube. According to them, for them it was a real battle. When he went to the second month, he finally started to play with objects.the-kitten-which-is-half-less-than-his-brother-learning-to-eat-independently8

Cats with defect often suffer from pneumonia; his owners said that he was ill twice, but the vets were able to cure him.the-kitten-which-is-half-less-than-his-brother-learning-to-eat-independently9Because of his defect Nut later than the other kittens began to learn different things, but somewhere in a month and a half he began to catch up, and now he is running, jumping and fighting like the rest.the-kitten-which-is-half-less-than-his-brother-learning-to-eat-independently9-2

Eventually, he gained enough weight to correct the defect portion of the vets as its healthy appearance.the-kitten-which-is-half-less-than-his-brother-learning-to-eat-independently10

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