The friendship of man and penguin

Each year, the penguin floats over 8,000 km to see the man who saved him. In 2001, 71-year-old pensioner working as a bricklayer, part-time, named Joao Pereira de Souza from a small island village near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, found a tiny penguin lying on the rocks at the point of death, which was covered with oil.

He cleaned his feathers from the oil, called penguin Jingjing every day to feed his fish until he gained strength. This was the beginning of a strong and unusual friendship between a penguin and a man. A week after the rescue, Joao tried to release a penguin back into the sea, but the bird refused to leave its rescuer.

Having lived with Joao 11 months and changing your infant “tuxedo” on the hard feathers, Jingjing sailed in an unknown direction.the-friendship-of-man-and-penguin