The family took a real wolf

Takes care of her 14-year-old girl

In the apartment of the traveller, Yuri has a wolf named Naida.
Yuri says. We spent the night there in the valley, and she came up to us – four months, almost a child, we took pity on her and fed her.
In the morning campers headed towards the village.

– You look, – runs, our night visitor, ” continued Yuri. Apparently, all this time she ran for us. Although there are 200-300 travelers were. And she got to know us, is not leaving, as if to say something he wants.

Local hunters say that, most likely, the mother Nayda fell into the trap, the rest of the cubs were killed, and this somehow miraculously survived. The mother did not have time to teach children to hunt, and that had the young she-wolf begging from tourists.

– My daughter Valerie took pity on the wolf, – says Yuri, – People are different, someone will feed, and someone may kick you to death. In the wild she does not survive. Took home, the daughter takes care of her. Even alloy together going on days. Honestly, just leave no one.

To keep a wild animal in the apartment is dangerous – a wolf is a wolf. Yuri thought to arrange Find to the ostrich farm: there are wild animals, so a guest would not be bored. But Yuri still are unable to part with Naida – I left it at home.


How many wolves do not feed…
– To teach the wolf to live in an apartment with a man, of course, possible, ” says hunter Vladimir, – But to tame it will never be. It will still live by the laws of nature and the laws of the pack, and God forbid someone hurt his master that a wolf would take his brother in the pack – wolf will fight for it to death. The wolf is not a dog and will be treated equally to all family members living in the apartment, it will choose the strongest or the one who brought him into this house.The family took a real wolf1

The family took a real wolf2

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