The dog took the sickness of the owner

The dog took the sickness of the owner.”My doctor is a dog. He cured my back, – tells 54-year-old Alex. – I took off the discs of the spine. There are no cures and exercises didn’t help, until one night on our wife and the yard does not appear stray dog.”

Alex remembers that the woman did not immediately agreed to house the animal, because then they already had one dog in the household.
Is now she wakes up in the morning and runs Dex for cooking oatmeal, – continues Alex.

Dex came to us so skinny, dirty I decided to clean and let in the house, shares his memories of the man. – I just never left. Just a month I notice that I have not had pain in my back. I’m a doctor all right, and very soon, Dex began to limp.

Think with the dog, maybe somebody kicked? We him to the vet and they tell us that back problems in your dog. My tongue has taken away.
Since then, Alex began to observe Pets. Not only for its. In Notepad, made notes.

-I was in thought, watched, analyzed, remembered and finally realized that we just don’t pay attention to such things. But they exist, says the man. – That’s my sister’s cat all the time lay down on her stomach. I say, go check his insides.

She’s mad, they say that nothing hurts. But she tired of their requests – went to the ultrasound. It turned out that she had sand in the kidneys. Yes, it’s not a deadly disease, but it is easier to sand from the kidneys to withdraw than rocks, right?the-dog-took-the-sickness-of-the-owner


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