The dog that refused to die

Thanks to the residents of town in Texas and a campaign on the social network Facebook a dog named Buck, was found in a trash bag, got a new chance at life. An animal shot from a pneumatic gun, and then left to die in the cold.

5 Jan resident of Conroy, Texas noticed that tied to the fence of a garbage bag moving. Breaking the bag, the man discovered inside the blood-covered dog.

After a few steps, the dog fell to the ground. Found him a person is not able to call the local animal control, so I turned to my friend tame Augustine, who helps people in trouble animal. The woman immediately rushed to the scene and took the dog to the veterinary clinic, says Montgomery County Police Reporter.

The doctors began to treat the dog, named Tank, from multiple wounds to the face and torso, the resulting shots from a pneumatic gun. In addition, Bak has spent at least 10 hours in the cold, so I suffered from hypothermia. Doctors believe that the dog will not return the sight.

On the page in social network Facebook, was declared the collection of funds for the treatment Tank. Less than a week to the good people managed to raise more than $ 10,000. The animal slowly on the mend.the-dog-that-refused-to-die