The dog likes to be photographed

Paddington lives with his 30-year-old owner and four cats in the Australian state of Tasmania. The Shar Pei appeared in the house of Annie when she was a puppy, and since then a tiny lump of folds with a black nose, button managed to become a real Internet celebrity.

According to the girl, His affectionate and good-natured dog, who loves cats, the ocean and biscuits, he is always happy to participate in the creative process – easily dresses up and patiently posing for the camera.the-dog-likes-to-be-photographedthe-dog-likes-to-be-photographed02the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed03the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed04the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed05the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed06the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed07the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed08the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed09the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed10the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed11the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed12the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed13the-dog-likes-to-be-photographed14

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