The dog feeds the hedgehog

It was in early October. Our dog named Belk evening started pup. In the morning I check out her booth to look at the puppies, and there among newborns hedgehog!

Hefty hedgehog, enticed by warm (nights are cold) and
the smell of milk, climbed into the booth and sucks dog! Puppies swarming, pricked about the needles and plaintive squeak. I reach out my hand to throw the guest off, but the dog growls and takes my hand with his teeth.

Stand out of the house a long stick, and then runs son with a video camera. Going neighbors. Dog entices sausage and stick roll out of the booth hedgehog rolls back his five meters. Belk returns, somehow realizes that she stole “cub”, barking drives away from the booth people and neighborhood dogs, makes a circle, hedgehog finds, grabs it in his teeth.

Stings, drops, whines, again enough drags in the booth! The attempted expulsion of the hedgehog (under the joyful screams of the audience) again, but again to no avail.

In short, the maternal instinct wins. The hedgehog has lived in a box for another day, then left. A neighbor saw the dog caught him 50 meters from the booth, took the “prodigal son” back, but then he ran away. (Although he didn’t live there? Warm, soft, and fed.)dog-feeds-the-hedgehog

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