The cat, who is the head of the family chihuahua

Cats and dogs have always been considered irreconcilable enemies (throughout history). It is easy to understand why an unquestioned personality of a cat has not converged with the personality of the dog.

But every rule has exceptions, and one can often see cats and dogs that coexist in the world. From time to time we even share with you stories of cats and dogs who have become best friends. But have you ever seen any cat that has SEVEN best friends-dogs?

Meet Ritchie. He is a cat from Thailand, who became a loving nanny for the seven Chihuahua puppies. And don’t think it’s a joke! Richie likes to spend all his time with friends-dogs. He is the head of the family, no doubt.the-cat-who-is-the-head-of-the-family-chihuahua




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