The cat saved the hostess

In one village, in a small house lived a lonely a woman of 50 years old, named Elsa, was in her cat Vasco. This cat weighed 16 pounds and was the size of a dog.

Coming summer vacationers not once asked Elsa to sell the cat, but it is not accepted. For many years they lived alone with a cat, and Vasco was the only creature who was around all the time.

Every morning, Elsa went to the neighbor’s for milk for the cat. And he sat by the window and patiently waited for the return of his mistress. When Elsa was done cleaning up, cooking dinner or watching your favorite TV series – the cat was nearby and carefully watched her every move.

Thus passed day after day. One day, returning home with heavy bags, Elsa became very ill. Upon entering the corridor, she just collapsed to the floor. Cat hearing a strange noise, began to scrape the door that led into corridor. It is unknown how, but he managed to open the door, he rushed to the hostess, began to meow and paws to touch Elsa. But the woman didn’t move.

Then the cat rushed to the open door that led outside. Vasco ran to a neighbor’s home, where his owner every morning, went to get some milk. He began to throw at the door and screaming their songs. The sounds ran neighbor cat as yanked her dress and began to pull along. Visible sensing something was wrong, the woman ran after the cat to the house of Elsa in the hallway and bumped on her body.

A neighbor called immediately for an ambulance. And the cat all this time sat near the hostess. Fortunately the ambulance arrived quickly, Elsa was taken to hospital. The woman was cured, and she soon returned home.

So Vasco saved his life hostess. And they say man’s best friend is a dog….The cat saved the hostess

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