The cat on the windowsill

 Every day I go to work on the same street. My way is a food stall that basically sells bread, beer and sausages… To the windowsill of the stall nailed by stud plastic saucer for money, and under the window to the stall was screwed a small plywood shelf that visitors could to put your bags.

The last couple of weeks on the shelf got into the habit of sunbathing yard cat. The cat lying on the edge of the shelf and on that never stopped anyone. I every day, walking to work saw this cat.

One day I decided to buy bread in this stall. I walk up to the stall, asking for a loaf
bread and sausages. The saleswoman is hidden in the depths of the stall, and I counted the money and put them on a plastic plate. Suddenly, peacefully dryhouse before the cat started, came to the plate with money and began to SHOVE his PAW my money inside of a stall! I realized the cat.

He lay basking, watched bipedal primates, and draw CONCLUSIONS! There, then shoved the paper, and from there get something tasty! And decided the cat, apparently, that if you behave that way, that he will get something.

Though the money was and not his. The cat, by the way was not choosy and with the same hunting and ate bread and sausage. Checked personally, fed him a hot dog and a big piece of bread.the-cat-on-the-windowsill

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