The cat nursed the puppy pit bull

Cat from Cleveland picked up the orphaned pit bull puppy and raising him as her own cub.

Sharon Harvey from the Fund of protection of animals of Cleveland said that the cat took Lorlen Noland the puppy to her “unusual little family”. The puppy was left at the animal shelter when he was a day old.

First saw the puppy, Larne slowly sniffed it. Of course, she realized that it was not another kitten, but the puppy was so helpless that Larne are unable to stay away. He was adopted into the family and staff at the orphanage gave him the name Nolan.the-cat-nursed-the-puppy-pit-bull6

The staff of the shelter Cleveland never ceases to marvel at the cat Larnet. The cat is so attached to the puppy that he believes him. Of course, the puppy a few more kittens, and the cat is unable to feed, so sometimes Nolan fed with a bottle.

“Larsen loves it. This is so adorable,” said Harvey.
Animals became friends from the first moment of their meeting, so it was decided to leave them together, while Noland will not grow up.

A puppy joined the family cat, but six months later, the puppy had to be put towards other dogs, as he still has to learn to be a dog.the-cat-nursed-the-puppy-pit-bull7







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