The cat loved and kept the kid when he was in the womb, and continues to do so after birth

When the baby was born, the cat was initially kind of embarrassed, but when she felt his smell, she knew immediately that it was the same baby, to which she clung. Now, according to Liel, three months after his birth, she jumps on the bed next to him, sniffs it, sits down. It is clear that she loved him from the beginning, told the mother the baby.the-cat-loved-and-kept-the-kid-when-he-was-in-the-womb-and-continues-to-do-so-after-birth

Cats are not allowed to stay in your baby’s crib, when he lies in it, but every time his mother puts him to bed, she sees a bunch of woolcat was guarding his place. They call Liel at night when the baby cries, and lie down next to him to protect him, she says.the-cat-loved-and-kept-the-kid-when-he-was-in-the-womb-and-continues-to-do-so-after-birth2

Panda is not the only cat in the house who likes baby. Little Sean a lot of furry friends who love and protect him.the-cat-loved-and-kept-the-kid-when-he-was-in-the-womb-and-continues-to-do-so-after-birth3

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