The cat became an owl

I went from a dressmaker at dusk. Approaching the house noticed that the kitten is sitting in a tree (or very petite cat) just above my head. Knowing a funny habit of cats climb trees, and then not know how to go down there, I come closer.

Kitten screaming hysterically as they usually do, but, judging from her eyes widened in horror, very scared. Weak-eyed squinting into the darkness, I kindly ask,

– Kitty, you can not get down from the tree?
– Aga-aga, – sadly replied the cat … and flew off !!!

For the first time I saw the owl is not in a cage. By surprise, I was very scared.
I feel I have an inherited (not just short-sightedness). Ten years ago, my grandmother took on vacation standing in the bushes of a female elk straying cow and tried to bring it on the road. She says that she nearly went mad when the “cow” like a grasshopper, he jumped two meters up and four forward and two jump out of sight..the-cat-became-an-owl

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