The cat — a magical animal

Cat is one of the most magical animals on earth. Her aura is so great that it covers not only a specific person but also his family, home and territory that the cat considers to be his. So you need to understand that when a cat rubs against your legs, it not only demands petting, trying to get her, it means that she is sharing with you his magical, astral force.

He who repels the cat, telling her “beat it, not to you,” simply refuses the positive energy that she wanted him to grant. But next time cat will not have this man part of his astral power, and maybe even, Vice versa, to pick her up.

The cat not only protects the house from evil spirits, not allowing it to penetrate the sacred to the cats territory, but she also saves the house from her, if it was before. This is especially useful for those who moved into the house where others used to live.the-cat-a-magical-animal