The adventures of a pregnant cat

That was long ago. In our entrance stray cat ventured from his hair to build a nest for the future kittens. Of course I felt very sorry for her and I decided to persuade her husband to take the cat to our home. The husband says, sitting in a chair: Let jumps on my lap and I’ll let the cat stay.

The cat slowly approached him, I looked straight into his eyes and jumped on knees, remembering a loud purr. And so it has remained. The cat ate everything, behaved calmly and ready to leave it in the drawer of the cabinet favored by the new linens.

One evening she began to shout at the door, saying, Let me go, I use the toilet urgently. I opened and released.

In the morning came the neighbor from the third floor and calling me, enigmatically smiling guests. We came to her into the bathroom, and there is a bowl of kittens and mother cat with them. I ask: How? And she said: At night their cat on the fire escape, descended to the first floor, there jumped up a tree, then on the roof of the shed and the roof sloping descent doghouse after he dropped to the ground. It was his usual route for walking.

In general, this night they consulted a pregnant cat and the father suggested that the cat maternity hospital services in the form of their bathroom. He ran the cat quietly on the reverse route to the house in the morning and squeak 9 kittens cat woke hosts.

That’s the story.the-adventures-of-a-pregnant-cat

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