Walk in the National Park of Denali

In the heart of Alaska to 25 thousand km2 lies Denali national Park, striking in its pristine beauty. The hallmark of the Park is mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America. On the territory are rivers, lakes, valleys. It is home to 39 species of mammals, including bears, moose, deer, wolves, foxes, hares etc.walk-national-park-denali-2walk-national-park-denali-1walk-national-park-denali-3walk-national-park-denali-4walk-national-park-denali-7walk-national-park-denali-9walk-national-park-denali-8

Family from Belarus keeps a pack of wolves as Pets

Belarusian family from the village of Zacharie, 250 km South of Minsk, was raised by a pack of wild wolves, and keeps them as his Pets. In 2009, the head of the family and the local hunters Oleg found in the woods lonely little orphaned cubs.

5 years have passed, and the little cubs turned into a fully home of the wolves. Although wolves are known for his harsh temper and cruel hierarchy in the pack, these guys behave like ordinary dogs. 11-year-old daughter of Oleg, Alina playing with wolves, like domestic dogs, and those, thank you for your kindness, and strive to lick the girl in the face. The wolves even allowed the girl to ride on horseback!family-from-belarus-keeps-a-pack-of-wolves-as-pets-1family-from-belarus-keeps-a-pack-of-wolves-as-pets-2family-from-belarus-keeps-a-pack-of-wolves-as-pets-3family-from-belarus-keeps-a-pack-of-wolves-as-pets-4family-from-belarus-keeps-a-pack-of-wolves-as-pets-6family-from-belarus-keeps-a-pack-of-wolves-as-pets-5

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