Turtle savior

We all know that sea turtles are quite large reptiles. And sometimes this fact is by the way. So in 1969, in the Caribbean there was an amazing case. One passenger fell from a cruise ship and lasted 15 hours on the water before the arrival of rescuers. Sea turtle rescued him, the man holding her armor all the time.turtle-savior

Moon turtles

Did you know that first flew around the moon turtles? These reptiles, but rather Central Asiatic steppe turtles, chose in 1968, was put in a Soviet spacecraft Zond-5 and sent into space. The choice of scientists fell on these reptiles, because they do not need a large supply of oxygen, they can a week and a half without eating for a long time and being, as it were in a lethargic sleep.turtle-flew-to-the-moon

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