Bengal tigers have yellow or light orange color with dark brown or black vertical stripes. The belly and inner side of legs white in predators. The orange tail has black rings. Jaw Bengal tiger with large powerful fangs. Sharp claws on the limbs can get involved.

Bengal tigers live in the Savannah, in the jungle near the mangrove swamps. They can also be found in mountainous areas. Hunting mainly at night because in the dark Bengal tigers, like all cats, can see perfectly. The tigers are good at climbing trees and swimming.

At short distances this predator can reach speeds up to 65 miles per hour, but it quickly fizzles. At length the Bengal tigers can jump up to 9 meters. While hunting tigers are showing excellent patience, waiting for the right moment to jump. Attacking the victim, the tiger grabs by the throat and strangling and then eating it in a secluded corner. One tiger consumes from 20 to 40 pounds of meat.bengal-tiger-1bengal-tiger-2bengal-tiger-3bengal-tiger-4bengal-tiger-5bengal-tiger-6bengal-tiger-7bengal-tiger-8

Golden tiger

Golden tiger, these are tigers with a similar color,does not work one of the genes… but then the effect better 🙂

This is the most rare colour change caused by a recessive gene. The first mention of the meeting with the Golden tigers in the wild date from the early twentieth century.

Originally put forward the theory that the emergence of this type of coloration gradually developed in a small group of tigers living in areas of rich loamy soil, and an unusual color served them extra camouflage when hunting. The theory remains unproven.

However, inbreeding of a small isolated group of tigers could affect the appearance of this type of color, if one of the tigers, the bearers of a recessive gene for the Golden color, bred with its own offspring, as has happened in captivity.At the moment in captivity contains about 30 individuals with this type of color.

Like white tigers, all in captivity Golden tigers have mainly Bengal parentage, but are genetically “contaminated” by genes partly white Amur tiger named Tony, who is the common ancestor almost all white tigers in North America. The assumption is that this color is appeared by crossing the Amur and Bengal tigers, is a common misconception.golden-tigergolden-tiger2golden-tiger3