Rescuers freed bricked three years ago dog

Rescuers freed the dog, which is more than three years spent immured in the gap between the block and attached to her store.

Residents were fed and cared for animals. They also repeatedly appealed to the various services of the city for assistance, but has heard the request of citizens only three years later.

Rescuers widened the opening between the walls of the house and shop, through which they poked the dog’s face. One of spasatelny climbed into the opening, and took the animal.

Journalists report that has been prepared to shelter the dog and help him adjust to life at liberty.rescuers-freed-bricked-three-years-ago-dog

Turtle savior

We all know that sea turtles are quite large reptiles. And sometimes this fact is by the way. So in 1969, in the Caribbean there was an amazing case. One passenger fell from a cruise ship and lasted 15 hours on the water before the arrival of rescuers. Sea turtle rescued him, the man holding her armor all the time.turtle-savior