Unusual puppies

In China appeared unusual puppies.
In a small town in Jiangsu province, in China, the normal domestic dog puppies, similar to young of the giant Panda. This unusual trio caused quite a furor in the country.

According to the owner, by the name Su Lin, the appearance of such offspring her dog was a real surprise. Kids color coincides with the color of giant pandas that were surprising not only herself, but others.

The mother of these adorable puppies was a simple mongrel pooch. By the way, their dad is also purebred and has the usual, like his mother, gray and inconspicuous color. After birth, the puppies immediately started spreading. About them began to write various Chinese media and photos funny Trinity quickly spread around the world.

Interestingly, all three puppies did not have similarities with their parents, but for some strange reason very similar to giant pandas, which are known, are a symbol of their country.unusual-puppies







Unusual friendship are completely different animals

Friendship is great! And when people say that friendship does not exist — they are deeply mistaken, because if animals can befriend each other, then people even more so.

Those who must hunt each other, happy to spend time together, share meals and work together to have a rest, walk and frolic. Looks like they are really true friends animal contrary to public opinion.

Mini Mani the wild boar and miniature dogunusual-friendship-are-completely-different-animals

Thinni and Sniffer — dog and wild Fox

unusual-friendship-are-completely-different-animals2White cat and wild Fox


African elephant Bubble and black Labrador Bella


Dachshund Milo and Leo Benedictus


Chicken and puppies


Best friends pit bull and chicken


Sheep and elephant are best friends forever


Dog and fawn


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