7 the rarest cat breeds in the world


Breeders in many countries are striving to bring a unique breed by crossing wild and domestic breed. And walking out of the desire of people to possess something unique and in a single instance of a rare breed are quite expensive.

1. Munchkin cat with short legs.

One of the most rare breeds of cats – Munchkin. They are difficult to confuse with representatives of other breeds, as they are characterized by very short legs. The breed is not the result of breeding of a cat with extremely short legs were the result of mutation. Their second name – “cat-kangaroo” and “cat-Dachshund”. They are able to sit confidently on hind legs, using this time the tail for balance.

Munchkin, like dogs, like to walk on the harness. It is a gentle, intelligent and sociable cats. With children they easily find common language with equanimity, and canine devotion.Munchkin cat with short legs

2. Serengeti is a breed similar in appearance to a Serval.

Rare breed, the Serengeti was created in 1994 year by crossing the Oriental Shorthair and Bengal cat. His purpose, the breeders set the creation of a family pet, resembling the African Serval, but without participation in the crossing of the wild species.

The Serengeti is a clever, sociable and loving cats who love to be part of the family. They are not against “talk,” like Siamese cats. Of domestic cats, Serengeti has the longest legs.Serengeti

3. Caracal – a wild cat, resembling a Bobcat.

One of the most rare cats in the world is the Caracal. Recently this breed was on the verge of extinction. Outwardly, its members resemble slender trot, their ears decorated with long black tassels.

Caracal – the inhabitant of the deserts and steppes of the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, Asia Minor, Central Asia, and India. Sometimes it can be found in southern Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. This wild breed is easily tamed. In ancient times, with tame Caracals are hunted for small game in Persia and India, now hunting with such cats are rare.Caracal

4. Toyger – cats that look like tigers.

The toyger is one of the new, recently derived breeds of cats. They first appeared in India in the eighties of the last century, and the breed standard was approved only in 2003. Externally, these cats are like little tigers, but by its nature, the Pets are perfectly adapted to life in the apartment. Toygers is discreet, sociable and playful animals.

Toyger – the perfect house cat. Breeders of this breed at the present time. The breed started to develop in Australia, America and Canada. This breed is also in the TOP most expensive cats in the world.Toyger

5. Cat Elf cat with curved ears.

Cat Elf resembles a fantastic creature with crooked ears. His body almost naked or covered with inconspicuous down, thin coat is present only on the ears, some areas of the legs, on the muzzle and tail.

This breed is extremely rare, the population has only ten Americans. The weight of this active and gregarious animal ranges from three to six pounds, and the curvature of the ears can be from ninety to one hundred and eighty degrees.Cat Elf

6. Asher is a breed that does not exist.

Cat breed Asher a few years sold at fabulous prices, and the entry of wanting to get a kitten was conducted for the year ahead. Asher stated, as the largest domestic cat, their colors are very reminiscent of the leopard. Breeding of the breed involved in the company Lifestyle Pets.

What really rocks Asher is not, and that all the hype around this event – just a well thought out scams Scam, it turned out several years after the start of active sales with these individuals. False-the Creator of the breed of Asher at the time acquired kittens breed Savannah, then spent a wide advertising campaign and came up with a legend that marked the beginning of hysteria. The fraud was made possible due to the fact that cat breed is the Savannah by themselves are very rare.Asher

7. Savannah.

The rarest breed of cats in the world. There are several opinions about what kind of breed is considered very rare. One of the versions – home Serval, whose ancestors were wild animals. The second is a rare breed in the opinion of many specialists – the breed Savannah. This breed can be described as one of the most memorable and spectacular. Specimens from Savannah elegant and quite large. Their unique make of a high intellectual development and exotic color.Savannah

Munchkin cat

Cat breed Munchkin, are distinguished by their very short legs, which are developed as a result of natural mutation. The body and head they are of the same proportions as in normal cats. Around the rocks raised a lot of controversy, as many believe that these cats are “defective”.

Actually, they are healthy and happy animals who have no health problems because of short legs, like some breeds of dogs. The Munchkin is not only healthy cats, they also love to run, jump, climb and play like other breeds. In addition, they are very sweet and love people.munchkin-cat